My Funeral Wishes

This form can be used to record funeral wishes for yourself, or for someone you will be arranging a funeral for in the future. It does not have to be completed in full; just add any details you would like to share with your next of kin or Executor.


Please keep a copy of the completed form for your records and you may choose to hand a copy of it to your Executor, Solicitor or representative. You may also like to forward a copy to Newlings of Royston to be secured safely and confidentially until the time of need.

    Details of the person whose funeral wishes we are recording:

    Do you / they have a will:

    Where to find your / their will:

    Details of the Chosen Representative

    Options for Cremation

    If cremation is the preferred funeral option, are family to attend? :

    The preferred crematorium is:

    Instructions regarding cremated remains:

    Options for Burial

    If burial is the preferred funeral option, are family to attend?:

    The preferred place of burial is:

    This will be a:

    Existing plot:

    Grave number:

    If the grave already has an occupant, please provide their name and date of death :

    Funeral Service Arrangements

    Funeral service to take place at:

    Service type:

    The preferred officiant is:

    From (Church or Organisation):

    Music choices:

    Reading choices:

    Funeral Vehicles

    Choice of Hearse:

    Funeral to leave from:


    In addition to traditional veneered and solid wood coffins, we can supply many natural options including seagrass, wicker, cardboard, English willow and photo/colourful coffins. Details may be viewed at:

    Preferred coffin choice:

    Dressing instructions:

    Family members often take great comfort from visiting their relative in our Chapel of Rest. It can help them cope with their loss and deal with their grief. Our meticulous preparation will include washing, hygienically preparing, embalming and dressing, so that dignity and presentation is the best it can be.

    Please discuss this option with my family at the time?

    Other Options

    Floral arrangements:

    Are orders of service to be prepared:

    Charitable donations to:

    Other Information

    Newlings of Royston Information

    Information about our services and our current price lists can be found on our website

    Any information you have provided above should be discussed with your Executor if you have appointed one, or your family. The details in this document may be changed at the time the funeral is arranged and are not legally binding on your representatives.

    If you would like to discuss how to transfer this statement of funeral wishes to a prepaid funeral plan, you are very welcome to contact us and we can make an appointment for you to meet with our colleagues at Open Prepaid Funeral Plans.

    If you would like Newlings of Royston to store a copy of this form safely and securely for you, please email it to or forward a printed copy to any one of our branches. An acknowledgement will be sent but we will not use your information for any other purpose.